Discover our range of Giganterra products. You will find here all the accesories you need for your reptiles.

Our resine decorations are made with high quality resine. They are suitable for a terrarium and also for an aquarium. A great accessories for your reptile.

We offer large range of reptile decorations such as a log tree, shedding box, laying box, rocks, plateau of stones, shelters, hiding places, artificial plants and much more.

Check our range of dishes such as mealworm dish, water dish/ calcium dish, jelly holder. Those accesories will suit and match your existing enclosure decoration.

Limitless imagination to be used here, to make your terrarium unique. Giganterra accesories for terrarium and aquarium are realistic, with nice details. 

Wether you prefer to use a heater cable, a heat mat, or bulbs to give heat to your reptiles, you will find them in our catalogue.

Giganterra heat cable and Giganterra heat mat, are made of good quality materials with a built-in safety system, which will automatically stop at 50°C, if ever your thermostat is faulty. This built-in safety system will prevent a loss of your reptile. There are plenty of electric appliances offered by the competitors, with attractive prices, but you will not find in them a build-in safety system. Saving a little money for your reptiles safety and yours is not worth it. Both deserve the best. That's why we highly recommend the Giganterra heating system.

Giagnterra Thermostat is easy to use, and reliable. With this accesorie, you will be sure to have a desired temperature inside your enclosure. The must have accesorie for your terrarium, tank, incubator or any other enclosure.

Giganterra UVB bulbs will provide your reptiles with a good UVB quality, which is crucial for your reptiles. We recommand to change your UVB bulb every 6 months, or once a year if you choose the Gigasun Bulb. The Gigasun Bulb will provide UVB and also heat (UVA). The must have accesorie for reptiles which require a source of UVB.

Reptile substrate is also a part of our Accessories. We offer good quality substrate, such as a coconut fiber, wood chips, corn bedding. Giganterra coconut fiber can also be used for shedding boxes, or to incubate eggs.

Check different categories to find more accessories for your terrarium.


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